rED Cap ePRO

For BSI’s future and current customers that already enjoy affordable excellent service, and adaptability, we are taking the opportunity to reveal the newest rED Cap tools for ePRO (electronic patient reported outcomes) endpoints.

rED Cap was created at BSI in the local Tampa Bay area close to the University of South Florida, James A. Haley VAH and Moffitt Cancer Center.

 The New VAS (Visual Analog Scale)

 A tool that allows you to ‘draw’ a vertical line to cross the scale using either a mouse, stylus or finger depending on your device (think i-Pad, tablet, notepad).



The rED Cap VAS comes with a handy calibration tool so whichever device is being used the scale can be calibrated as often as your protocol or QA procedures dictate:



This fool-proof data capture method has built-in specifications that ensure a perfect patient response every time:



To prevent this:



So that you get this data point:



No doodling, x-marks the spot, happy/sad faces or check marks required!


Standardized Instruments

The Short Form (36) Health Survey is a patient-reported survey of patient health. The SF-36 is a measure of health status and an abbreviated variant of it, the SF-6D, is commonly used in health economics as a variable in the quality-adjusted life year calculation to determine the cost-effectiveness of a health treatment.  The original SF-36 came out from the Medical Outcome Study, MOS, done by the RAND Corporation. Since then a group of researchers from the original study released a commercial version of SF-36 while the original SF-36 is available in public domain license free from RAND. (Wikipedia).

Now, standardized instruments like the SF-36 can be incorporated into rED Cap for ease of patient use on your choice of devices; please contact BSI for more information.

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