Does your Service Provider Have Emotional Intelligence?

ImageI recently read an article in the Tampa Bay Business Journal where the CEO of Florida Hospital, Tampa was discussing the importance of customer satisfaction, and how doctors are becoming more ‘emotionally intelligent’.

Wikipedia defines Emotional Intelligence (EI) as: “The ability to identify, assess, and control emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups”.

I wondered how well we do as service providers and colleagues in the research community when it comes to EI.

I am glad that at BSI “WE GET IT!!”  We value and respect our client and colleague relationships. We even went so far as to create BSI Culture and Value Statements that are high in emotional intelligence. For example:

We Work Efficiently And Are Responsive To Questions Or Comments

Coming From External Or Internal Sources

 Not being responsive can hurt relationships and cause confusion and inefficiency. Breaking a connection today could negatively affect tomorrow.

  • Do you suffer from communication inaction (not answering phone or e-mails) from your service provider, colleagues, connections, clients or business partners?
  • Is your service provider or colleague aware of how their actions (or inactions) affect you? Do they value you, listen to your wants and needs, and are they able to identify with you?

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Maureen Lyden, President & CEO

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