Introducing rED Cap Share Station

Following close on the heels of our newest tool for ePRO, BSI is excited to introduce the new ‘Share Station’ functionality to our rED Cap System.  While BSI already has ‘Secure-Link’ that allows transfer of confidential information like protocols, data sets, etc.; this allows rED Cap users access to an internal secure data/document sharing area for a particular study.  Users can access the Share Station to make a request for information, and to upload information to a single or multiple set of users.






Before an upload (see above), the Description can be updated for more information to appear in an e-mail notification.  Either everyone in the list of users given share permission, or selected users need to be chosen.  A file can be attached, or only a reply to go to the user(s) e-mail without having any attachment involved.

In this example, when saved and uploaded will result in a rED Cap user (Sally Jones) with a folder for sharing only, and a folder as the ‘owner’:



rED Cap was created at BSI in the local Tampa Bay area close to the University of South Florida, James A. Haley VAH and Moffitt Cancer Center.


Please contact BSI for more information.

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